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Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is here, gas prices are low, the beach and mountains are calling your name. If you are hitting the highway on one more road trip this summer, make sure you are ready for a stress-free drive down Route 66. Here are few Summer Travel Tips:

·      Plan your itinerary. Although planning the itinerary can take the fun out of a spontaneous road trip, you don’t want to start down the road and not know if the route you are taking will be through non-stop construction.

o     Ensure your GPS is up-to-date and take along a backup map. Depending what area of the country you are headed, your GPS might not work or the GPS maps may be incomplete. Trust us, it happens!

o     Driving longer than one day? Make sure to pick out locations in advance where you can readily find hotel or motel rooms and make advanced reservations. Rooms book quickly during peak travel times and sleeping in your car isn’t as comfortable as it looks.

o     Take activities for the kids. Grab some fun car bingo games, pack compact color books, grab a portable DVD player, and make sure they are ready to have fun.

·      Leave during down times. Try getting a really early start or even leave midday to miss the traffic and enjoy better gas mileage.

o     Driving through busy metro areas? Try to avoid driving through rush hour when the highway is packed with slow moving cars.

o     Avoid heavy construction areas during high traffic times. Most mapping phone apps list out construction areas found on your travel route. Take time to program your route and receive updates on traffic and construction along the way.

·      Make sure your car is ready to roll. You don’t want to get down the road and break down expectantly. Take your car by the shop for a quick tune up or even ask for a quick check to make sure everything is running right.

o     Belts & Hoses often break during the strain of a hot summer. Double check everything is in good order to ensure your engine maintains its peak performance.

o     Get your oil changed. Still have a few hundred miles before it’s due? Changing the oil keeps your engine running cool, reduces engine noise, and works with the oil filter to remove contaminants from the engine, especially on hot days.

o     Check your A/C level before leaving town. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in Death Valley with your A/C running hot. A quick bump of Freon will keep you cool wherever you go this summer.

o     Double check your battery charge as well as the alternator. And don’t be afraid to pack a set of jumper cables in the trunk just in case lights are left on.

o     Don’t forget your tires! Proper inflation pressure is key to not only keeping your tires in good operating condition, but also good gas mileage. Don’t be afraid to stop by your auto mechanic and have them grab a look.


Ultimately, make sure to have fun! A road trip during the summer is a great way to make memories with your family. If you want to ensure your car is ready, give us a call. We’re always here to keep you safe and driving down the road.

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